100% Plant-Based

Epidotte Fanny Pack

Dhs. 159.00

It’s extremely light-weight. Strong enough to carry your stuff. Made with love & care. Can be used for festivals, jogging time or anywhere you like. You don’t need to carry your essentials by your shoulder anymore. The Epidotte fanny pack is a trendy and sophisticated. It can be worn by him or her. Easy to maintain, when it gets dirty, just wash it.

Care info: The bags can be handwashed in warm water with a mild detergent. Unroll the bag (if needed) and wash in warm water (30 degrees) using a mild soap or detergent, rinse thoroughly and dry flat. Handwash only! Reshape before drying. Do not machine wash or dry clean. Do not iron!

Dimensions: Width: 26.5 cm - Height: 14 cm